Welcome to Hotel Balance

A long time ago, we chose the location of our hotel at Wörthersee with the greatest care. This hotel in Carinthia is a very special power place and concentrates all four elements between mountains and lake that supply our family and guests with the pure energy of life.

A feeling of well-being is not just a word for us; it is our attitude to life. Our family is deeply rooted in the region of Wörthersee and shaped by centuries-old tradition, a prosaic outlook on life and the origins of our homeland, but we are still open for everything new.

Whoever spends a holiday in our hotel at Wörthersee, will sense the power of the 4 elements and the rhythm of the 4 seasons. We will accompany you on your way to harmony and balance with all our passion. Share this enthusiasm with us and these pages will tell you more about the philosophy with which we manage our new holiday hotel at Wörthersee!

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The Grossmann Family