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Your rooms and suites at Wörthersee

Everyone has the longing for relaxation and recuperation in a quiet spot with plenty of time at their disposal. Make use of this valuable time for your health that strengthens and regenerates you in restful sleep.

We particular paid attention to the feel-good effect, whilst designing the Rooms in our Hotel Balance. All of our hotel rooms at Wörthersee have been designed with colours of harmony and in accordance with the 4 elements. Various local woods for the furniture, special woven carpets, murals and decorations set the tone but that also express the harmony of the four elements.

You can choose your favourite room at Wörthersee, where you feel most at ease. The main Emphasis should be based on one element where the other elements can blend harmoniously into the living concept. It is all a matter of complete integration. In this way you can achieve a perfect balance. 

We offer you very special services, in all suites and rooms

  • Choice of three different pillows
  • Cuddly bathrobes, slippers
  • Late riser breakfast service in your room until 1pm
  • TV Programme Magazine

360° Panorama - Experience our rooms virtually

Room element type earth

Room element type fire

Room element type water

Room element type air

3. & 4 Adult
3. & 4 Adult in the same room or in the same suite will receive a special rate of -30% off list price

Aktionswochen 2015: 7=6
05.04. – 26.04.
17.05. – 24.05.
14.06. – 21.06.
12.07. – 19.07.
23.08. – 30.08.
13.09. – 20.09.
27.09. – 04.10.

Cancelation conditions
Up to 1 month before arrival: free of charge
2 weeks or more before arrival: 50% of the room price
Under 2 weeks prior to arrival: 80% of the room price

Moreover, the Austrian Hotel Contract conditions are valid!

Not included:
Tax € 2,--
(from 16 years of age)


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